IndividuationNow Podcast

My goal is to reach as many people as possible, and make the word individuation mainstream. Through that, we can provide the empowering, breakthrough concept of IndividuationNOW and a powerful set of constructs that will help them attain truly life-changing insights.

Anthony Metten Brings Us IndividuationNOW, a New Podcast Discussing Exactly How to Achieve the Personal, Career, and Business Successes that Come with Being Your Authentic Self.“

Anthony Metton invites everyone to jump in and take a ride as he asks, “Are you going to go through this life as the driver, understanding the process and where it is taking you, or will you be the white-knuckled passenger holding on for dear life?”.

Individuation is the transformation we take in order to become distinct and decide what will distinguish us from others. During this pandemic, without a ‘normal’ in the foreseeable future, people of all walks of life are feeling anxiety, strife, and uncertainty about many things. Anthony is here to help unlock what is really at the core of who we are as the results can be fascinating, profound, and possibly even life-changing.

IndividuationNOW is all about recognizing that who you are from birth isn’t necessarily who you are meant to be as an adult and that it truly is up to you