Corporate Training

Build on innate strengths and capitalize on best practices to optimize your individual and team performance.​

Tailored specifically to each organization, Anthony’s programs incorporate the content that is most relevant to your organization, bringing Anthony’s philosophies into practice.

High-Energy, High-Impact Training

With decades of experience designing and delivering an extensive array of corporate training programs and workshops, Anthony creates high-energy/high-impact training in a variety of formats and to a broad range of audiences.

From virtual presentations to live workshops, programs are customized to precisely meet organizational needs. Anthony Metten’s branded WinVision training programs include such topics as…

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How We Make It Happen

Soft skills can be difficult to develop – especially when it’s through the medium of a busy organization.

WinVision training programs combine concrete strategies and proven implementation approaches to guarantee that these skills can be realized.

Becoming fully evolved as a contributing individual doesn’t happen without purposeful work. Emotions, reactions, empathy, vulnerability, acceptance, and understanding are all learned skills that take time, exposure, and personal testing before they can be accepted and embraced as an everyday habit.

Success is built on relationships with others, and relationships are built through co-creation and by taking into account the perspective of others.

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